Hep-C Cure!

Chronic hep C can be cured with treatments called direct acting antivirals (DAAs). Being cured means the hep C virus is not detectable in your blood months after treatment has ended. DAAs are the current standard of care and considered safe and effective.


What is Hepititus C

Hepatitis C is a disease that causes inflammation and infection of the liver. This condition develops after being infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Hepititus C Cure

Hepatitis C may be cured (or cleared from the body). … The Hepatitis C virus is considered “cured” if the virus is not detected in your blood when measured with a blood test 3 months after treatment is completed.

98% Success Rate

Cure for people not previously treated, without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis, in 8 weeks.


For patients with genotypes 1–6, who have not been previously treated, without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis

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